Contemporary Art Gallery prize statues

Series of sculptures, statuettes for Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, which were awarded on the occasion of the 55th anniversary of the politicians involved in the development of the institution.
There are 25 (including 12 duplicate of the one mold). Measure from 20 – 28 cm in length. They are made of firebrick glazed.

„Statuettes are created in the shape of my earlier sculptures. I do not like traditional statuettes forms. I wanted to create a sculpture to hang in space. But I think that sooner endowed people hide them deep into the closets, than specifically drills into a wall or ceiling to look good . That’s why ultimately they are the form of sitting or lying. I’m glad it was my only limitation as to the form. Each of the women has a blanket of natural felt, on which it can rest, but not necessarily. Besides being located on one occasion logo (laser burned), so any piece of cabinet furniture will not be scratched.”

Prizes were awarded, among others, during the official opening of the exhibition of paintings by Jerzy Nowosielski „The subtle beings” in the Contemporary Art Gallery (which it opened the jubilee celebrations of her).  They perfectly harmonize with the works of Nowosielski.