Logographers. In Motion

Artist Residency in The Opole Contemporary Art Gallery (2015).

LOGOGRAPHERS is a cyclical project entailing artistic cooperation between artists from various parts of Europe and the local Opole community (logografowie.blogspot.com). The first edition of the project took place in 2013. The title of the project and its main conceptual axis refer to the Greek logographers. They were the first chroniclers who, in ancient Greece, collected stories and legends from far-away lands and used them to build their narratives. In 2015 project cocncerned the motion.

The chief part of the Project were the intensive motion workshops conducted by professional instructors. Each of those workshops shall end in an open show. An important element of the artistic activities pursued by the persons qualified for participation in the Project was cooperation with the instructors conducting the motion workshops with a view to documenting those workshops. An integral part of the Project was an exhibition created in the course of Project implementation – through interaction with space during motion workshops (e.g. marks on the walls, mental maps, visualisations) and as a result of the free interpretation of logographers’ activities by visual artists.


„What we see/know, depends on what position you are.  So work with the body and movement is crucial to our being in the world – is a relationship with the environment, which we refer in motion, constitutes our consciousness. The way to spirit runs through the body.”



„Log-in” – Improvistation workshop, instructor Paweł Grala.
„Space of Imagination”- Motion analysis system developed by Rudolf Laban, instructor Stine Marcinkowski.


Photos from video documents and video performances „LOGO-MOTION. Kinetic exercises” by Nina Olczak, http://www.nina-adelajda-olczak.com/.


Photos: Nina Olczak and gallery archive, http://www.galeriaopole.pl/ .



Improvisation during the workshops.