„Miracle at the Oder”

Yesterday 23.06.2016  Sappers group participated in project „Kozanów – In Search for the Miraculous”, is an interdisciplinary artistic event presented within the  ‘Wrocław — Backyard Door’ as part of the Visual Arts component of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław 2016 programme.

Artists  made „The opening performance / Miracle at the Odra, relates on the one hand to the historical event called the Miracle at the Wisła, but on the other hand to a biblical story of transforming water into wine at the Wedding at Cana. During the opening the group of artists – Saperki – will perform a miracle of changing wine into water. This miracle is only possible in the course of a group work and requires a lot of physical effort from the artists. The automatic wine pouring becomes a physical exercise. The process of mixing water with wine lasts until the taste of wine and its alcoholic qualities turn into water. ”

Here is a more information about  : http://www.wroclaw2016.pl/wroclaw-backyard-door?page=benefits-page


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